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Concocting Caffeinated Creations | Gourmet Ontario

Concocting Caffeinated Creations

It’s been a week since I last used my espresso machine.  For me, finding motivation is difficult this time of year.  With demands from work, kids’ school, holiday season expectations elevating, and the dramatically reduced daylight hours all contribute to make it real hard for me to get out of bed in the mornings.  As such, I have been making drip coffee at the office this past week, and picking up drive-thru coffees on the weekend.

Today was different.  I cracked the blinds open a bit last night, and because of the time change on Saturday my alarm went off it was already light in the room.  It is so much easier to wake up and find motivation with sunlight.  After getting the kids to the bus stop, I walked back home and took some quite “me” time and made a latte.  I felt inspired, so I tried out my own concoction.  It worked well, but there’s room for improvement.  When I’ve perfected it, I will post the recipe!

After the great start to my morning, I also felt inspired to research other flavoured drink recipes that I would like to try (and make my own) this fall.

What’s your favourite caffeinated concoction?

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