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Food Truck Eats at Peller Estates Winery | Gourmet Ontario

Food Truck Eats at Peller Estates Winery

On May 20th we attended the Food Truck Eats event at Peller Estates Winery. All 3,000 tickets were sold out for Sunday’s festivities. We ended up parking nearby and walking to Peller Estates to avoid the traffic. It was a beautiful day and from our Twitter feed we could tell that there was quite a wait to get in, so our late arrival was planned very well. We didn’t wait at all when we arrived at 2:00.

The tickets for the event cost $15 and included admission to the event, a glass of Peller Estates wine and souvenir Govino glass. There were 16 food trucks in attendance, including Beaver Tails Toronto, Portobello Burger, Caplansky’s, and Gorilla Cheese, who in fact part of the reason we wanted to attend this event. We had tried a sandwich from Gorilla Cheese back in September at a wine event and loved it.

Prior to attending this event we tried to track down any menu that we could find so we could plot out a plan of action. With so many different trucks, all serving different food, and only a few hours to sample everything, how does someone choose what to eat?! The answer is this, go with another person (or 2 or 3) and split the food. This way you get to sample many different foods and minimize your wait in lines.

When we arrived, we went immediately for our first glass of wine before heading to the food trucks. We started off with the sweeter white wines, knowing that we wanted to first visit Buster’s Sea Cove for a Lobster Roll.  The only other definitive plan was that I wasn’t leaving without trying Cupcake Diner to feed my cupcake addiction. After collecting our wine at the very efficient outdoor and well shaded bar, we got into the incredibly long line to wait for our first bite of Food Truck Eats. There was a suggestion to wait in line with a glass of wine to enjoy, but we found that the lines were more like a two or three glass wait, but with 3,000 tickets sold, this wasn’t a big surprise. At each truck there was a sign of a recommended Peller Estates wine to enjoy with the food.  This was a nice touch that we obliged.  We talked to someone in line who had a nice idea of having a small serving table at each truck to offer their wine suggestions.  We stood in long lines again several times for Barbeque at Hank Daddy’s BBQ for cowboy fries and pulled pork parfait, for The Hunter schnitzel sandwich and a fried Risotto ball  at Dobro Jesti, and of course for cupcakes at Cupcake Diner (not just one either – I got a 6 pack!).

For us, the best part of this event was meeting some great people while waiting in line. We had an absolute blast chatting with people around, talking about what has been consumed and what’s next on the list.  There were two couples we ran in to several times throughout the afternoon and we always stopped to chat with them. Also, there was one man I ran into in line at Hank Daddy’s told me he heard to try the BBQ Pulled Pork Parfait, which is a layer of pulled pork in BBQ sauce mashed potatoes, more pulled pork, more mashed potatoes and topped with BBQ sauce.. We were in line to try the cowboy sweet potato fries, but added the parfait to the list and I am so glad that we did! It was by far our favourite food of the day.

If you get a chance to attend a food truck event, don’t miss out! You will meet some good people and enjoy some wonderful food.  Support the gourmet food trucks!

If you would like to keep informed of where the food trucks are in Ontario, and any food truck events, click here to follow our Ontario Food Trucks Twitter List.

Update: some of our readers have asked us for a list of all the Food Truck vendors at the event. Here they are, along with their Twitter links:


Food Truck Eats Photo Gallery

  • Peller Wine Bar
  • Buster's Truck and Menu
  • Ordering our Lobster Roll at Buster's
  • Buster's Lobster Roll
  • Buster's Sea Cove
  • Great people we met
  • Hank Daddy's Barbecue
  • Hank Daddy's Cowboy Fries
  • Hank Daddy's Pulled Pork Parfait
  • Waiting for cupcakes!
  • Chatting about the great food
  • The Tide and Vine prepping oysters
  • Roaming Buffalo
  • Dobro Jesti
  • The Hunter and Risotto Ball
  • The entertainment
  • BeaverTails
  • The Grindhouse Coffee
  • Waiting in line for Buster's
  • The truck line up
  • Peller Estates Winery



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