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Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding | Gourmet Ontario

Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding

While watching the Euro Cup soccer matches this past week, we’ve been inspired to cook up some popular European dishes for a snack to eat while cheering on our favourite teams. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting a few different recipes to enjoy during Euro Cup 2012.

Last night we decided to make a Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding in preparation for the England match today. Although I have eaten a few yorkshire puddings,  I have never made one until now. I started with just a standard yorkshire pudding recipe, like the one here.

After trying this recipe, the yorkies came out a bit thicker than I wanted so for my next batch I decided to turn my oven temperature up to heat the oil a bit more. Be prepared to drop the mixture into the muffin pan as soon as the pan comes out of the oven, as I think my pan cooled down too much. I also chose to use the jumbo muffin pan to get larger Yorkshire Puddings so I could put a good amount of filling inside them.

While the Yorkshire Puddings were in the oven, I prepared the stuffing. This time I stuffed them with roast beef in gravy and horsradish mashed potatoes for a savoury meal. I bought 200 grams of an extra thick cut roast beef from the deli. I cut the beef into bite-sized pieces and put them into a beef gravy to heat it up. I boiled two large baking potatoes and mashed them up with about 2 tablespoons creamy horseradish. I thought this would be a great way to incorporate the flavour of horseradish into the dish since it pairs so well with roast beef. I filled the Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef with gravy, layered a spoonful of horseradish mashed potatoes on top, and finished it off with a drizzle of gravy.  This amount of roast beef and potatoes filled the six jumbo yorkies quite well.

Given the sweetness and texture of the Yorkshire Pudding, I can see stuffing them with a scrambled egg and sausage for breakfast or some berries and sweet cream for a light summer dessert. What would you put into your Yorkshire Pudding? Send us your photos.

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